Weeks One to Three Exercises

This is for all of the beginners out there who want to get started in bodybuilding or just want to start getting in shape. Recently, I have been getting an extensive number of messages with questions about what to exercise in gym, what to do in the gym, how much do exercises etc.

If you are a beginner and have not read any of my past articles about nutrition or working certain body parts, I highly recommend that you do so. That way, you will at least have some background knowledge before reading any further in this article. Here, I will include a workout plan and a diet to follow. I’m not going to include supplements because I feel that the majority of beginners do not need to concern themselves too much with supplements. It is more important that you work on maintaining a consistent diet and workout plan.
Bodypart Exercise Sets Reps
Quads/Glutes Leg Press 1 15
Hamstrings Lying Leg Curl 1 15
Upper Back Seated Cable Row 1 15
Chest Flat Bench Press 1 15
Shoulders Dumbbell press 1 15
Traps Dumbbell shrug 1 15
Triceps Pushdown 1 15
Biceps Barbell curl 1 15
Lower Back Back extension 1 15
Calves Standing calf raise 1 15
Forearms Barbell wrist curl 1 15
Abdominals Crunches 1 15

Demo of Exercise in Images:

Demo of Exercise in Videos:

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