WEEKS Four to Six Exercises

First off, let’s talk about a workout plan. For a beginner, it is very important that you execute correct form for all exercises. This means using light weight for many reps so that you will have enough practice at the movement. Once you have become familiarized with the exercises, you can begin modifying them in such a way that you can hit the target muscle with more accuracy and precision. However, I urge that you perform all movements with strict form and light weight for the first month. Secondly, be sure that you properly warm-up and thoroughly stretch before grabbing a weight.

I recommend a 5 minute warm-up on the stationary bike or on the treadmill followed by stretching for about 5 more minutes. Once you are loose, you can begin with weight training.
Bodypart Exercise Sets Reps
Quads/Glutes Leg Press 2 12
Hamstrings Lying Leg Curl 2 12
Upper Back Seated Cable Row 2 12
Chest Flat Bench Press 2 12
Shoulders Dumbbell press 2 12
Traps Dumbbell shrug 2 12
Triceps Pushdown 2 12
Biceps Barbell curl 2 12
Lower Back Back extension 2 12
Calves Standing calf raise 2 12
Forearms Barbell wrist curl 2 12
Abdominals Crunches 2 12

Demo of Exercise in Images:

Demo of Exercise in Videos:

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