Female Workouts

Different female body types require different training methods and diet plans. So listed below are the 4 female body types: Pears, Straight, Curvy, Athletic.

body type pear Female Workouts
You body is bit wider on the bottom than you are on top of your body. Tone your arms and shoulders, and get tighter all over with our pear-friendly workout.
body type straight Female Workouts
You body is stick straight with very few curves in your body.You can add more shape to your waist and sculpt your glutes with this workout plan for straight body types.
body type curvy Female Workouts
Your body bust and hips are larger compared to your waist. Add full-body muscle tone and shape up those arms and legs with this curves-a-luscious workout.
body type athletic Female Workouts
You body have broad shoulders and narrow hips. Tighten your core, and add some shape to your butt and thighs with this athletic-body-type workout.


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