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Strength Circuit Workout

Strength Circuit Workout

Bootcamp Fit: Week 6 Strength Circuit Workout

Congrats if you’ve made it to this point! How are you feeling? I’ve noticed major differences in my energy level, as well as in how my clothes fit. (My smaller-sized jeans fit comfortably now!) Everyday things—running up the subway steps, toting my groceries—feel a bit easier thanks to the strength and mobility work I’ve been doing in ETC.

Ready for one more big push? You’ve got five weeks under your belt, which means you’re ready for the hardest routine yet. If you’ve been following along, these moves should feel familiar—many are very similar to those we did last week, only slightly more challenging. For example, we’re adding a biceps curl to the lunge, and we’re jumping rather than stepping back in the Overhead Push Press. Let’s finish off our 6 Weeks to Bootcamp Fit challenge by working harder—and trying to squeeze in even more reps of each move—than we have in any other week.

HOW IT WORKS ?Start with a 10- to 15-minute dynamic warm-up (think squats, lunges, inchworm, etc.) or try this warm-up routine. Then, begin the circuit below. Perform each exercise for one minute (or 30 seconds if noted), taking little to no rest between moves. Rest for one minute. Then repeat the entire circuit. Cool down with five minutes of dynamic stretching or foam rolling.

And remember: If you need more of a challenge… During ETC classes, we do metabolic drills (think burpees, squat jumps, and mountain climbers) in between circuits. “These metabolic drills are short bursts of work that will impact your metabolism post-workout and add to the benefits you get from the circuit exercises,” says Lashaun Dale, Senior National Group Fitness Creative Manager at Equinox. Perform one drill for 30 seconds to one minute—pushing as hard as you possibly can while maintaining good form. Do one or two drills before repeating the circuit below.

*Be sure to choose dumbbells that are challenging but allow you to maintain good form. If you can, go up by two pounds from the weights you used last week.

MOVE 1 Push Up with Alternating Shoulder Taps

01 push up shoulder tap Strength Circuit Workout

Begin in plank position with hands slightly wider than shoulder-width and legs extended. Keeping spine neutral, bend elbows and lower chest towards floor. Stop when elbows are parallel with sides (A). Next, press back up to start while bringing right hand to tap left shoulder (B). Return hand to floor, and repeat steps A and B, this time bringing left hand to right shoulder. Continue alternating for the entire minute.

MOVE 2 Supine Lat Pull Over with Knee Lift

02 supine lat pullover Strength Circuit Workout

Holding one medium to heavy dumbbell, lie back over step platform to support head and shoulders, with lower body in bridge position. With dumbbell between both hands, slowly reach straight arms overhead towards floor, keeping core engaged and ending with biceps by ears (A). Keeping hips and chest lifted, pull dumbbell over chest, ending with arms straight and perpendicular to the floor; at the same time, lift right foot off the ground, knee bent at a 90-degree angle, until knee is directly over hip and foot is in line with left knee (B). Place foot down and repeat steps A and B, this time with the left leg, then continue alternating legs for a total of one minute.

MOVE 3 Jump Back to Floor to OH Push Press

03 db jump back push press Strength Circuit Workout

Holding a dumbbell in each hand, squat to place dumbbells on floor (A). With core engaged, jump back into plank position (B). Immediately jump feet back to squat position, then pick up dumbbells to load squat (C). Press to standing as you press weights to ceiling in one powerful motion (D). Lower dumbbells down to shoulders, and repeat steps A through D for the entire minute. Keep movement controlled and powerful.

MOVE 4 Box Jumps

04 box jumps Strength Circuit Workout

Stand behind step platform with feet hip-width apart and knees slightly bent (A). Jump onto step, landing softly on both feet, knees slightly bent, with elbows bent at sides (B). Step back (no jump) to starting position, and repeat for a total of 30 seconds.

MOVE 5 Football Runs

05 football run Strength Circuit Workout

With feet just wider than hip distance, squat down a few inches so knees are slightly bent. Begin quickly stepping from left to right, simulating a football run, staying on toes and balls of feet (A). Stay low and continue this “fast feet” motion for a total of 30 seconds.

MOVE 6 Single Leg Reverse Lunge Pull with Biceps Curl

06 db sl reverse lunge pull Strength Circuit Workout

Begin standing with right foot on Gliding Disc (or towel on smooth floor surface), holding a medium to heavy dumbbell in each hand (A). Bend left knee and slide right foot back into a Reverse Lunge until left knee is bent 90 degrees, with the knee directly over the toes; at the same time, curl dumbbells to shoulders and hold for a beat at bottom of lunge (B). Press right foot into disc and, by engaging core and with control, pull it back up to starting position while lowering arms to side. Repeat for a total of 30 seconds, then switch to other side.

MOVE 7 Step Assisted T Plank with Leg Adduction

07 step assisted tplank Strength Circuit Workout

Rest on left hand. Place right foot on top of step platform and left leg extended on ground in front of step. Extend right arm toward ceiling. Lift hips up to create one long line from head to top leg (A). Next, lift left leg up slightly past right leg (B), and lower to floor. Repeat for a total of 30 seconds. Switch to other side.

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Blast Fat

Blast Fat with These 5 Total-Body Combo Moves

total body slider Blast Fat

A great workout doesn’t need to take hours (in fact, it really shouldn’t, unless you’re training for an endurance event). With the right moves, you can hit all the major muscle groups in limited time—effectively killing that excuse once and for all. This dumbbell-and-bodyweight circuit, with the exercises performed back-to-back, should take about five minutes from start to finish; aim for a minimum three sets (with a one-minute rest between); do up to five for an aerobically challenging, calorie-torching strength routine.

MOVE 1 Split squat with overhead press

19 total body 1 Blast Fat

Grab a pair of 8- or 10-pound dumbbells. Stagger your stance into a wide step, one foot forward and one back with hips squared, and hold the weights just above your shoulders, elbows close into your sides (A). Leaning forward ever so slightly, bend both your knees to come down into a lunge position (B). Press up through your front leg while simultaneously lifting the weights straight up into the air, keeping your elbows pointing forward and your arms in line with your ears (C). As you lower back into the lunge for the next rep, lower the weights back to your shoulders. Do 8 reps on each side then switch your split for 8 more.

MOVE 2 Lateral lunges with side chop

19 total body 2 Blast Fat

Pick up one dumbbell in both hands, and hold it lengthwise close to your chest (A). Step out with one foot to the side, bending that knee and sitting way back. You want your stance to be wide enough that your hip, knee, and foot are in the same line. Move the weight so it’s adjacent to your working hip (B). Return the weight to center before pressing out of the bent leg to push yourself back to stand. Do 7 more to one side, then 8 on the other.

MOVE 3 Pushup with rows

19 total body 3 Blast Fat

Place your dumbbells on the ground parallel to each other and a little wider than shoulder-width apart. Set up in a plank position with your hands grasping the dumbbells (A). Perform a slow pushup, bending your elbows back, lowering your chest, and allowing your shoulder blades to pinch together (B). Push back up. Once you’re back to the top, shift your weight into one arm, and lift the weight in the other hand up so your elbow rises above your side (C). Control the return down, then do a row on the other side (D). Engage your core to keep your body from twisting or your hips from hiking throughout the rows. Do 8 full reps. (If the long plank proves too challenging, the sequence can be performed with your knees down, just be sure to align your shoulders, hips, and knees in the same plane.)

MOVE 4 Curtsy with bicep curls

19 total body 4 Blast Fat

Stand up and hold your weights by your sides (A). Pick up one foot and step it back, across, and behind the other, bending both knees to lower down into a curtsy squat. Hold the position while you perform a bicep curl with both arms (B). Step back to the start position. Step to the other side and repeat the sequence. That’s one rep; do 7 more.

MOVE 5 Plank with single-leg kickbacks

19 total body 5 Blast Fat

Come down onto your hands and toes into a high plank position (A). Pick up one flexed foot off the ground then bend the knee and bring it in toward your belly button, taking care to keep your hips and shoulders at the same level (B). Extend the bent leg back out and up, as high as you can without arching your back (C). Do 8 reps with one leg, then 8 with the other—keep everything level as you switch your feet. (If holding the plank is too intense, you can do the exercise from hands and knees, keeping the knee of the working leg hovering off the ground. The same no-back-arching rule applies.)

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